Which Olive Oil is Highest in Polyphenols?

November 26, 2021 5 Comments

Polyphenol Rich Extra Virgin Olive oil - take a drink

Which Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Highest in Polyphenols?

The Extra Virgin Olive Oils Highest in Polyphenols are:

    1. ATSAS FARM in Cyprus 1,700+ MG/KG (Found Here) $80 / 250ml

    2. OLIVE FROM THE RAW 1250+ MG/KG (Found Here) $16 / 250ml

    3. Virgeen Extra Virgin Olive Oil 600mg 

    4. Sole Che Sorge 400mg (Found Here


All are Certified by a Laboratory for analyzing the Polyphenol count in Olive Oil. All of the mentioned companies have a Polyphenol Count above 400 mg/kg. 


Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil

What are Polyphenols?

Powerful Polyphenols Help a Plant not just Survive, but Thrive!

Polyphenols are naturally occurring micronutrients found in plant-based foods, including Fruits (Which Olives are Classified as) and berries, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and wine. They are a by product of Photosynthesis. 

The Polyphenols are a Plant's natural way of fighting and growing into a healthy bountiful specimen. 

These compounds give a plant its color and can help to protect it from various dangers. When there is a Pest attack, Very High Temperatures, or lack of water, the plant's polyphenols will kick in to help the plant survive. When we consume high quality Polyphenols, we are consuming the very essence of nature's way of protecting and growing a Healthy body & mind. 

Certain Polyphenols work as Antioxidants for us, which means they neutralize free radicals that are harmful to our body's cells. A Build up of Free Radicals leads to conditions like heart disease, cancer, and cognitive decline.

Studies show that polyphenols help fight inflammation, and may help lower the risk of several diseases  including heart disease, some types of cancer, and neurodegenerative


Knowing the Polyphenol Count in Your Olive Oil is Important

Most Companies will make claims with out providing evidence. This lack of transparency is a red flag 🚩. When companies claim 30x more of something like Dr. Gundry Olive Oil, why dont they just publish the real number? We are left guessing. This is why transparency is key and having a Polyphenol Lab Analysis performed by a reputable source is the Primary Information that will separate High quality food vs. Low Quality and ineffective food.  

What You Need to See from a Company: 

  1. Having the Lab Certificate will provide the needed transparency on the Polyphenol Count.
  2. A minimum Polyphenol Count of 500mg/kg is needed in EVOO to be considered to be effective in the health of our bodies.  (SOURCE)


What Parameters Determine Polyphenol Levels

When harvested early and processed under specific conditions in olive oil the main phenolic compounds are derivatives of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol released during the malaxation process in the mill. Concentration of particular types of polyphenols vary according to all varieties of different olives, time of harvest, soil and weather conditions, production methods and temperatures as well as thermal care and storage, shipping warehousing and distribution.


Polyphenol Rich Olive Oil


Polyphenols Vary from One Year to Another

Polyphenol compounds can vary within the same growth and from year to year that is why access to up-to-date certificates of analysis is so important when choosing the right high phenolic extra virgin olive oil for your health objectives.

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January 18, 2023

Hi Marnie,

The Olive Oil Times did a review and also some California fello did a Review on Youtube last year.

Type into Google the following – “Gundry Olive Oil Times Review” . In that article you will find about midway through is the amount of polyphenols (600mg) and also the quality of the Oil (rancid).


January 18, 2023

Hi Jozef, Thank You for your question. A certificate from a Laboratory is where you should start. We do not recommend any Moroccan Olive Oil as there is no Verified way of finding out their Polyphenol Count.

A prime example is one Moroccan company claiming to have over 1,000mg but when it was tested in a California Laboratory, it barely reached 600mg. Also, many people who have tried these Moroccan olive oils have said they are very low quality. There is a Tunisian Company that is reputable, Olive co.

Marnie Hazelaar
Marnie Hazelaar

January 17, 2023

I just purchased polyphenol rich olive oil from Dr. Gundry. He was on Facebook. It does not say how much polyphenyl’s are in this olive oil, but it does say that it has 30 times more than most. It also does say it’s from morocco. Could you please give me your good opinion on this thank you very much


July 05, 2022

I’m looking for a good tasting olive oil that is not real pungent but has a high polyphenyl content and not extremely expensive

Jozef Essavi
Jozef Essavi

January 16, 2022

I love your website. I just bought some miracle morocco olive oil in hopes of getting light polyphenols concentration.
Which olive oil has the most concentration of Polyphenols.

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